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How to style Mixed Metals

Have you ever had a hard time deciding if you should wear your favourite gold statement earrings or your go-to rose gold pendant necklace? What if we told you that you didn’t have to choose! One of our favourite trends of the moment lets all your silver, gold, and rose gold jewellery live in harmony: mixed metals.

As I always say, “The point of mixing is that you don’t have to match.” We know, it might sound scary, and mixing metals is an art for sure. But with these tips and tricks, you’ll master the mixed metals look in no time.


If you’re going for a bold mixed metals style, let them be the star of the show – your clothes become the canvas. A classic solid tee or a dress in your favourite colour becomes your perfect base for accessorising.  There's something also incredibly sexy with the simplicity mixing your metals.  Period.  It's just such an easy look that takes jewellery from looking 'over thought' to lived in, stylish and cool.  Perhaps its the easiness of the look, the effortlessness, the borderline French chic vibes it plays on, the casual smart style, the versatility... who knows. This simple backdrop will let the colours of the metals shine, and show off your impeccable styling skills!



Want to mix metals, but have no idea where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our BEZEL DROP NECKLACE makes the perfect starting piece for all your mixed metal looks, as its modern style featuring five micro bezel set cubic zirconia floating from the chain, which sits right on the meeting point of your collar bone - from there you can add length and colour.  The BEZEL DROP NECKLACE is available in Gold, Rose Gold and Silver you can match this super layerable piece with your favourite Silver or Gold necklaces jewellery flawlessly.


Mixing and matching different metals is nothing new but if you struggle to know how to best style your silver, rose gold and gold jewellery, here is my run down to get you on your way.  You may already have in your collection silver rings that you wear on one hand.  Try pop in a gold or rose gold ring to stack, such as our BAGUETTE RING to bring in the two-tone look.  Alternatively, wear a single coloured ring stack on one hand and mirror this with a different colour stack on the other to create a look of effortless symmetry.
Necklaces: try replicating the same necklace in two different colours at staggered lengths to give you a cohesive mixed metal look, see below.  The BEZEL DROP NECKLACE with its modern, minimalist design is the perfect place to begin your mixed metal layering journey, as it was designed with this exactly in mind.  Featuring five bezel set cubic zirconia's which dance along the chain with you, a shorter/choker style chain length (38cm) which sits nice and high along the collarbone... a perfect base to start layering.
Or combine a pendant such as the timeless evil eye options DAKOTA or CARLY with a simple star necklace such as CONSTELLATION, see below.
I personally find achieving the 'mixed metal look' with bracelets is an easy place to start as wrists are generally not so much of a feature as your neck, ears or fingers.  A great example would be if your watch is silver, use silver on your other wrist as the base then layer with other metals to create a beautiful bracelet stack palette that is eye catching and on-trend.  The CONSTELLATION bracelets below show how you can add a pop of rose gold to the monochromatic look of silver and cubic zirconia, giving warmth to the overall look.
Create balance and contrast by mixing warm and cool tones.  A key point to remember is gold and rose gold jewellery with white stones such as cubic zirconia perfectly compliments the icy tones of silver jewellery.  


When you’re mixing metals, keep in mind a main colour family in your look. If you rock warmer tones on a regular basis, mixing gold jewelry and rose gold jewellery might be your best bet. On the other hand, if you’re a cool tone gal, try mixing your favourite gold and silver pieces together. We like to think of gold as the ultimate neutral metal – it plays nicely with all the other metallics in your jewellery box. But based on your style and skin tone, choose a main metal that matches you best, and add on from there. The result? A bold, on-trend look that’s uniquely you!

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