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The Rise of the Tennis Bracelet...

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A tennis bracelet traditionally is a dainty strand of diamonds enclosed with a double lock clasp. You may have seen a diamond tennis bracelet worn on the wrists of tennis icons such as Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams to celebrities from Jennifer Lopez to Meghan Markle.  Discover our modern, more accessible adaptions of the tennis bracelet that won't break the bank.

This timeless style is versatile enough to wear anywhere from the tennis court to special occasions, which is why they’ve remained a must-have in every jewellery collection. Learn how tennis bracelets got their name, our contemporary variations, and how to style them into an everyday look.


The Origin of the Tennis Bracelet

The famed, "tennis bracelet" was coined its name when Chris Evert was playing a match in 1987 and her diamond bracelet gifted to her by Greg Norman flew off her wrist in the middle of a rally. She stopped the game to try and find it and from that moment the the humble line diamond bracelet became known as a tennis bracelet.
The Adventurine Posts The True Story of Chris Evert’s Tennis Bracelet

Chris Evert wearing a tennis bracelet while she preparing to return a serve from Martina Navratilova in the 1978 Wimbledon Final. Photo credit: Getty Images

Modern Tennis Bracelets

In 2023 the tennis bracelet is shining brighter than ever.  The demand for these iconic bracelets in silver and gold and new materials like cubic zirconia is high. While historically made with diamonds, we offer a cubic zirconia option which boasts the same amount of sparkle and beauty and makes these bracelets more affordable for everyone to obtain.

If you’re obsessed with tennis bracelets, you may like the luxe PRINCESS CUT TENNIS NECKLACE. These necklaces look just like tennis bracelets but are worn solo high on your collarbone or layered with your favourite necklaces.  If you would like to add a tennis bracelet to your collection but aren’t sure how to style it, here are a few ideas.

3 Ways to Style Your Tennis Bracelet

1. Layer it with Your Favourite Bracelets

Whether you wear a tennis bracelet beside your watch, or with your favourite bracelets it will always look great and add an elevated look. The beauty of tennis bracelets is that you can style them with just about anything.

SARAH STRETTON tennis bracelet styled with watch

Image source: Pinterest

2. Opt for a Tennis Bracelet with colour

We love switching up this look with our Rainbow Tennis Bracelet  which features a series of coloured cubic zirconia grouped together creating an elevated, high impact look.
The latest collection of SARAH STRETTON tennis bracelets.

3. Wear it Solo for a Minimalistic Look

Elevate your everyday with our signature Tennis Bracelet available in (2 stone sizes) in a sterling silver or gold finish. This season we love the rainbow option for a modern twist... the subtle sparkle of each colour adds an eye-catching layer to your wrist from morning til dusk.

 Tennis Bracelet - Rainbow


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