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Finish: 18ct Gold Vermeil
18ct Gold Vermeil

You can’t go wrong with our RADIAL BANGLE. As far as we’re concerned, every wrist needs one! The entirely tubular shape paired with the completely round band creates a comfortable and effortless fit. This bangle stacks effortlessly with others or worn singularly for a statement. Weighing a mere 28 grams.

The bangle is hollow 925 sterling silver and is available in two sizes; S and M, measuring 70mm and 73mm in diameter.

Length: 19cm
Weight: 7.65g


925 sterling silver, 18ct gold vermeil 


Vermeil (noun)

Made with a sterling silver base and plated in 18k gold vermeil. Vermeil is an historical French plating method which uses a palladium barrier layer and heavy 18k gold or rose gold plating.

SARAH STRETTON JEWELLERY only uses the highest quality vermeil.

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