The Power of Jewellery

The desire to possess something can be so gripping, it can keep you from thinking or doing anything. Find that piece that screams your name and suddenly everything around you becomes blurry. The object you want now has power and momentum, and as a way of justifying the purchase you believe it has the ability to give you a self-confidence that nothing else could bring.

Sound familiar?  We've all had that feeling—when you see something and you just have to have it. You can't sleep until you know where it's from, how to get it, the exact moment it can be yours.

Working in the jewellery industry, I admittedly know this feeling well. People often tell me they experience this feeling when they are scrolling through Instagram or browsing our website that they stumble upon something that resonates with them, and you get a feeling deep down in your stomach: 

At first you think it's excitement, even nervousness, but you soon realise it's a feeling of importance, empowerment, that you feel so strongly when you find a piece of jewellery that perfectly aligns with you, or wearing something with that much beauty.

There's something that happens when you find that one piece – be it the perfect necklace, bracelet, earrings, or ring – that offers you a sense of confidence you simply can't find elsewhere. And if you've felt that, you know it's not just because you love the way you look when you are wearing it.

Perhaps it's feeling the weight on your neck, or knowing that what you are wearing is special to you—chosen by you for it's unique beauty--but that piece makes you stand taller, speak more confidently—or in my case it feels like the armour I wear when out in the world.  

Let's touch on why I and many others often regard their jewellery as armour; is it because the self expression of jewellery is a much more deeply personal thing than wearing clothing.  Do we look to our jewellery for a symbol or status? Or because it's worn next to your skin and its very intimate nature makes you feel a certain way? Does the little jingle noise it makes when it bounces against your skin add a feeling of comfort and security?  Or perhaps finally, because jewellery has long been associated with protection, whether spiritual, emotional or even physical, is this something that is innately felt within us passed down from generations before us? The history of wearing jewellery stretches back since the dawn of time across all cultures we see women wearing amulets, prayer beads, wedding bands etc.   It is amazing to think the power that jewels can have and the way they can make a woman feel and move so differently.   And as a woman, I know that you can only move that way when you have a sense of confidence that you gain by feeling beautiful. Cue that jewellery.

When saying affirmations into the mirror isn't working can you relate when I say how feeling put together on the outside can often give us the little boost we need to feel better on the inside?  I one hundred percent believe the days I don't bother with the final finishing touches of jewellery I just feel 'meh' all day.  This has been particularly highlighted during COVID.  By adding that simple step to your morning routine and popping on another necklace to create a stack or adding a more dynamic pair of earrings over your simple studs can make the world of difference to how you feel.  

I have pieces of jewellery that before every time I leave the house, I casually tuck my thumbs into my palms and feel for the rings on my ring fingers, roll the diamond bands on my left hand, twizzle my necklace to ensure the pendant is hanging correctly and push the backings on my earrings. It's a habit I most likely picked up from watching my mother play with her jewellery, one that I can imagine my daughter will surely pick up on as well.

It's not a nervous habit, rather a reminder of the talismans and the armour I depend on for confidence, to feel empowered and fearless. A feeling I know I could only achieve with jewellery.



CARLY NECKLACE - an 'evil eye' to protect the wearer from evil and jealous thoughts.  Available in sterling silver, 18k gold & 18k rose gold vermeil, $109




BEZEL DROP NECKLACE - $129  Available in sterling silver, 18k gold & 18k rose gold vermeil.

JOLIE HOOP EARRINGS - $89 If you are looking for a statement pair of hoop earrings that are the perfect size are light weight and effortlessly chic look no further.  Available in sterling silver and 18k gold plate.





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  • I think I would reconcider the SS brand for historical reasons, but this said, the power of jewelry is not exactly what comes to mind from the depicted. It’s tough to be true, but there’s nothing like it! Go for it! Embrace!

    François Deletaille

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